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Article 20.08.2010 23:27

A partial catalog of new music and arrangements composed since 2003

Original Music
Maria zart von edler Art
SATB Chorus
Premiere pending, Cincinnati Camerata 12/2008

Things are Looking Up
9/2008 (60")
60x60 project

A New Year’s Beginning
Poem by Susan Arnest
SATB Chorus

We Listen For the Voice of God (Psalm 85)
Adaptation by Nancy Arnest
Two voices with Flute and Piano

The Christmas Call
Poem by Susan Arnest
Horn with SATB Chorus

Per Aspera Ad Astra
(Le Tombeau de Roland)
3/2008 (3')
4 C flutes
Flute and Piano
(Creative Commons license -  download and perform for free

Children of Light
2/2008 (18')
Woodwind trio (F;ute, Clarinet and Bassoon)

the present of time
12/2007 (10'48")
Piano quartet (Violin I & II, Cello and Piano)

My radiance indwelling
12/2007 (60")
60x60 project

Sueño despierto
12/2007 (2'7")
SSA with flute

Occam's Laser
9/2007 (9'51")
Recorder quartet

Entreat me not
8/2007 (3'10")
AB voices with flute and piano

7/2007 (7'48")
Clarinet and Piano

Wind from the Shore
6/2007 (3'35")
Flute and Piano

60x60 Project
5/2007 (60")

Piano opera
5/2007 (22'58")
SATB with piano

The Queen of Air and Darkness
variations on tune by O'Carolan
4/2007 (5'11")
Flute and Harp

Jacob's Ladder
3/2007 (10'30")
Flute Quartet with piccolo, alto and bass doubles

Their Mouths Struck Dumb
Chamber Ensemble
2/2007 (9'34")

Blooming with Brazen Light
2/2007 (4'34")
Brass Quintet with Organ

Quiet Confidence
Text from the Book of Common Prayer
Kent School Choir
1/2007 (2'45")
SATB Chorus

Between Two Hills
Poem by Carl Sandburg
Carolina Concert Choir
1/2007 (3'04")
SATB Chorus

Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night
1/2007 (5'34")
SATB chorus with wind quintet

9/2006 (10'01")
Chamber Orchestra

Haworth Suite
9/2006 (22'0")
Recorded by Czech Radio Philharmonic
Chamber Orchestra
Chiese Serenissime
8/2005 (20'00")
Premiered at Venice, 2/3/2007

String Quartet
6/2005 (15'00")

Nunc Dimittis
6/2005 (3'15")
SATB choir and organ

Dark Wing
Symphonic Band
5/2005 (14'00")
Concert band.

5/2005 (3'52")
Canzona for brass quartet
premiered St. Barnabas Day 06/05

I am the resurrection and the life
Biblical quotations from the Episcopal service for the dead.
4/2005 (2'45")
Baritone with ob/eh/handbells

Prologue to a time that is not itself
Poem by Eunice Odio, translated by Martha Collins
3/2005 (6'10")
Five movements for SATB chorus plus fl/ob/vib

All Wrapped in Grief
St. Mary Magdalene choirs
Poem by Patricia Clark
3/2005 (3'51")
Church setting of an Easter poem; premiered 4/05

Soldier for the Queen
Poems by A.E.Housman
1/2005 (18'00")
Eight-song cycle of military poems for baritone, euphonium, piano, drums, TTBB chorus.

Lily of a day
Cincinnati Camerata
Poem by Ben Jonson
12/04 (2'45")
premiered 10/05 October Festival Choir

O beautiful power
Translated by Neil Parker
10/2004 (2'53")
SATB setting of a prayer from the Egyptian Book of the Dead

9/2004; (5'45")
Chamber Ensemble

Coplas del aprender
9/2004 (8'40")
SATB chorus with 2pc/eh/bn/percussion
premiered 5/08 Cincinnati Camerata

9/2004 (9'37")
Solo flute and string orchestra
Premiered by Enzo Caroli and the Orchestra Sinfonica Adriatica
EPICmusic winner, 2004.

Flos campsis
9/2004 (6'54")
Solo trumpet and string orchestra.

Villagers all
Carol setting of a poem by Kenneth Grahame
8/2004 (2'19")
Recorder with SATB chorus
Flute choir

Clap your hands (Psalm 47)
6/2004 (2'43")
Soprano with SATB choir, organ, percussion

Present for the Creation
5/2004 (48")
Flute alone

5/2004 (57")
Viola alone

Then a voice came from the throne
5/2004 (2'58")
Baritone solo with SATB choir, organ and timpani

My beloved spake
2/2004 (5'37")
Soprano with flute, organ and alto

Livre d'orgue
5 short organ works
2/2004 St. Barnabas (Postlude)
3/2007 St. Peter In Chains (Prelude sur Picardie)
3/2007 St. Peter In Chains (Éclore Éclairé)

Et Volavit
9/2003 (3'00")
SATB chorus

Carol Fantasia
8/2003 (9'37")
SATB chorus with fl/vn/va/vc/trp/organ
12/2003 St. John's/Wytheville VA
12/2004 Cincinnati Camerata/Covington, KY

Sonata for Viola and Piano
7/2003 (18'21")
viola and piano
I wonder as I wander
11/2003 (3'15")
SAA + flute

Variations on I wonder...
11/2003 (4'38")
flute alone

Wind Quintet No. 2
7/2003 (13'41")

Brazen Music from the Late Post-Sixteenth Century
Completed 7/2003
Brass quintet

In Nomine
7/2003 (4'11")
Brass quartet
St. Barnabas Day, 2004

À Chiu (Riu riu chiu)
Flute Choir

Deus in adjutorium
Agnus Dei
Ecce bonum
Ludwig Senfl
Recorder Quartet

Aisleann an Oigfear (Danny Boy)
Flute Choir

Patientiam muss ich han in 5 parts
Ludwig Senfl
Recorder Quintet
Brass Quintet

Wild Mountain Thyme
Flute and Piano
Flute and Harp

Peruvian Christmas carol
SATB Chorus with Organ

See Weasels. Go Pop.
Flute Choir

Orfa Grand Polka
Louis Moreau Gottschalk
Brass Quintet

Morning Has Broken
Gaelic Tune Bunessan
Flute trio

flute and string trio

Away in a manger
High voice with Flute and Piano

Sussex Carol
Flute trio and handbells

If I had flutes
Flute Choir
If I had brass
Brass Quintet
Saint-Saens (Organ Symphony finale)

In Dulci Jubilo
Christmas carol
SATB chorus with organ

Personent Hodie
Christmas carol
SATB chorus with organ

Three Ships
Christmas carol
SATB chorus with organ

SSAATB chorus

Based on a Shape-note tune
SATB Chorus

Star Spangled Banner
String Quartet
Brass Quartet

The Entertainer
Scott Joplin
Flute choir

An English Christmas
Flute, Cello and Harp

Noel Nouvelet
Flute, Cello and Harp

Wexford Carol
SATB Chorus with Organ

Holly and Ivy
SATB Chorus with Organ

In Dulci Jubilo
SATB Chorus with Organ

Machs Mit Mir

O Filii et Filiae
Trumpet, Trombone and Handbells

Fairy Queen
Harp alone

Denn Alle Fleisch
Johannes Brahms
Flute and Piano

Samuel Barber
Viola and Organ

A substantial body of work composed prior to 1986 is not included in this list...


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